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Stellar Engineering is a dynamic tooling solution provider of metal working tools supplying a wide range of carbide inserts, endmills, drills and taps; covering most metal cutting applications seen in the aerospace, automotive, agricultural, medical and general engineering industries. We have a network of over a dozen tools manufacturers who support us with a wide range of tools. Their expertise with their tooling techniques gives our customers a unique and innovative variety of cutting tools for their metalworking applications, including milling, hole-making, turning, grooving, boring and threading.

Our primary focus is to create partnerships with our customers and suppliers in order to optimize value added opportunities. Our goal is to make our customers more profitable by providing cost reducing solutions in the form of increased productivity, reduced cycle time and decreased machine downtime. Our application and process improvement activities have clearly set us apart from our traditional distribution competitors. Stellar Engineering distinguishes itself from the competition by providing cutting tools specific to the customer’s application. We believe in partnering with our customers and suppliers to offer the most cost effective method for our customers to manufacture their products. We take advantage of trainings offered by our suppliers to keep our staff up to date with the latest advancements in the industry, and we embrace technology to enhance our efficiency as an organization.

Stellar Engineering offers tailor-made inventory management systems allowing customers to have inventory at their location. Via customized websites and/or vending machines, inventory is scanned out and invoiced when consumed. This offers a cost savings to the customer by eliminating the overhead of carrying inventory and avoiding expedited shipping charges.

We have a strong vision to grow the company through a new hybrid distribution model that we’ve created that offers more engineering support for our customers. As an organization, we strongly feel that in this highly competitive global market, the more efficient we can make our customers, the more competitive they will be, and the more jobs that will be kept in India.